✨ Club Mamma Jamma ✨

Dance Your Way to Mental & Physical Birth Readiness + Unshakable Confidence +
 A Joy-Filled Journey to Motherhood

Gain confidence during pregnancy and heal faster afterward while having fun with Your Dancing Doula

"Laugh, sing, dance, glow. Let the oxytocin flow!"

I help pregnant & new moms feel good in their bodies & rock their birth & recovery 

If we haven't met before, I'm Kemeera, a former professional dancer, birth and postpartum doula + pre & postnatal dance instructor.

But more importantly, I'm a mother of 4.

Over the years I've seen and personally experienced what it's like to lack the energy & motivation to exercise throughout pregnancy. Or feeling like 'ugh' trying to get your moving again while caring for a baby, breastfeeding, sleep deprived, and not feeling like yourself yet.

I've witnessed what happens when self-doubt gets the best of you and before you know it, you've relinquish your autonomy in your pregnancy. Or what about forgetting to plan for your postpartum recovery period?

I've seen it all and am here to help with all of that. Join me on this journey as we create the community we need for physical, emotional & informational support during pregnancy & up to 2 years postpartum.

Here's What You'll Get Inside the Membership

⭐ Two LIVE Mamma Jamma Dance Classes 

Use movement, gravity, and balance to build strength release stress, gain confidence, and prepare for an easier birth & recovery. 

⭐ Monthly DOULA Coaching + Q&A

Your doula bestie without the high price tag. Ask questions without feeling embarassed or judged. Say bye bye to the late night Google rabbit hole. 

⭐ Monthly Parenting WORKSHOPS

Workshops to empower you with practical skills for your motherhood journey. Think writing a birth plan, babywearing, breastfeeding prep & more!

⭐ Growing ON-DEMAND Video Libary

Mamma Jamma dance classes to help you release stress & get active during pregnancy or post-birth in a FUN & SAFE way

⭐ VIBRANT Online Community

Join a community of diverse and unique women connected by this thing called Motherhood. Be seen, heard & supported.


Take advantage of ready-made guides, questionnaires, templates & resources to support you through your parenting journey.